General Biology Page-10

91) The persons whose blood has a reduced capacity of delivering oxygen to tissues suffer from:
(A) Hemophilia
(B) Sickle cell Anemia
(C) Hemophilia
(D) Anemia

92) Who among these was produced by genetics engineering?
(A) Jersey-Sahiwal cow
(B) Dhani ox
(C) Nacy sheep
(D) None of these

93) Which one of the followings is produced by hybridization and selective breeding?
(A) Neeli-Ravi Buffalo
(B) Rahu-Thaila hybrid
(C) Sahiwal Ox
(D) All these

94) Which one of the following is hereditary disease?
(A) Polio
(B) Cholera
(C) Typhoid
(D) Hemophilia

95) Colorblind person cannot distinguish red from:
(A) Yellow
(B) Blue
(C) Green
(D) White

96) Who proposed theory of continuous and gradual evolution of life from simple to complex?
(A) Aristotle
(B) Hugo de Vries
(C) Thomas Malthus
(D) Charles Lyell

97) Darwin himself bred:
(A) Pea plants
(B) Pigeons
(C) Wild mustard
(D) Tomatoes

98) Evolution through mutation was suggested by:
(A) Malthus
(B) Lyell
(C) Darwin
(D) De Vries

99) One of the followings is crucial to the ecosystem because they recycle nutrient from the organism back to the environment:
(A) Omnivores
(B) Carnivores
(C) Top carnivores
(D) De composers

100) In the eye, colour vision is affected by the presence of:
(A) Choroid coat
(B) Sclerotic coat
(C) Rods
(D) Cones

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