Distinctive Name of Countries and Cities

1) Where is the 'Isle of Paris'?
(A) Thailand
(B) Bahrain
(C) Japan
(D) Switzerland

2) Which country is known as Horn of Africa?
(A) Kenya
(B) Somalia
(C) Algeria
(D) Cuba

3) By which name Singapore city is also known as?
(A) Pearl of Pacific
(B) City of Flowers
(C) Lion City
(D) Land of Amber

4) Which country is called the 'Land of the Rising Sun'?
(A) Japan
(B) Norway
(C) Iceland
(D) Thailand

5) Which country is called land of Protease?
(A) Angola
(B) Switzerland
(C) South Africa
(D) North Korea

6) Venice is known as ________:
(A) Queen of the Adriatic
(B) Holy Land
(C) Holy city
(D) Beauty city

7) Zanzibar is known as _________:
(A) Make holy journey
(B) Run widely
(C) Depart in haste to steal
(D) None of above

8) Which is 'Forbidden City'?
(A) Lhasa
(B) Ireland
(C) Palestine
(D) Vatican

9) Gibraltar is known as:
(A) Key to the Mediterranean
(B) The eternal city
(C) Queen of the Adriatic
(D) None of these

10) Which of the following combinations is wrong?
(A) Empire city : New York
(B) City of palaces: London
(C) Dark continent : Africa
(D) Emerald Isle : Ireland