Distinctive Name of Countries Page-2

11) Chicago is known as the ________
(A) Windy city
(B) Most modern city
(C) City of records
(D) None of these

12) Which city of the world is called Venice of the North?
(A) Stockholm
(B) London
(C) Scotland
(D) None of these

13) Which of the following combinations is wrong?
(A) Aberdeen : Granite City
(B) Egypt : Gift of Nile
(C) Korea : Hermit Kingdom
(D) Venice : City of Merchants

14) Which is the ' City of Seven Hills'?
(A) Himalayas
(B) Rome
(C) Venice
(D) None of these

15) Which place is called the 'Cockpit of Europe'?
(A) South-hall
(B) Bangalore
(C) Belgium
(D) None of these

16) Australia is known as ________:
(A) Land of Golden Fleece
(B) Dependant continent
(C) South Europe
(D) Richest Island

17) Oxford is the city of UK known as the ________:
(A) Most literate country
(B) City of dreaming spires
(C) University of the world
(D) None of these

18) 'Land of Maple Leaf' is the nickname of _________:
(A) New York
(B) Canada
(C) Malta
(D) Ireland

19) 'Sick Man of Europe' is a sobriquet of _______:
(A) Turkey
(B) France
(C) South-hall
(D) Berlin

20) The 'Garden of England' is _________:
(A) London
(B) Kent
(C) Dublin
(D) None of these