Distinctive Name of Countries Page-10

91) Which city is called "City of Roses"?
(A) Peshawar
(B) Swat
(C) Shiraz
(D) Paris

92) Which city is called the "Little Pakistan"?
(A) Cairo
(B) Paris
(C) Bradford
(D) Beirut

93) Which city is called the Pyramid City?
(A) Cairo
(B) Rome
(C) Amritsar
(D) Paris

94) Which country is called "Switzerland of Africa"?
(A) Somalia
(B) South Africa
(C) Swaziland
(D) Congo

95) Island of cloves is the nick name of:
(A) Kochi
(B) Madagascar
(C) Bomeo
(D) Virgin Island

96) Which country is also known as land of cakes?
(A) Scotland
(B) Switzerland
(C) Thailand
(D) Japan

97) The place called as garden of England is:
(A) London
(B) Kent
(C) Manchester
(D) Brighton

98) What place is nick named "The City of Lilies"?
(A) Johannesburg
(B) Florance
(C) Rome
(D) Lhasa

99) Which city is known as Golden City?
(A) Cairo
(B) Beirut
(C) Oslo
(D) Prague

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