Idioms and Phrases Page-6

51) To keeps one's temper
To hold back an expression of anger.

52) To catch a tartar
To catch a dangerous person.

53) Never look a gift horse in the mouth
Advise someone not to refuse something good that is being offered.

54) To have an axe to grind
Have a private reason for doing or being involved in something.

55) To drive home
To emphasize an important point about something.

56) In (or by) fits and starts
If something happens in fits and starts, it often stops and then starts again.

57) Under a cloud
Under suspicion.

58) Stick to one's guns
To remain determined, resolute, or steadfast in one's opinion, belief, or perspective.

59) Read between the lines
To find meanings that are intended but that are not directly expressed in something said or written.

60) To bring to book
Make somebody accountable for his conduct, punish someone.