Idioms and Phrases Page-3

21) Call it a night
To stop working, either at one's job or on a particular task, for the rest of the night.

22) Sit on a fence
Delay the decision by not making a choice.

23) A cock and bull story
An unbelievable tale that is intended to deceive; a tall tale.

24) Blow one's top
To be very angry, Explode in anger.

25) Compassion fatigue
The situation in which people stop thinking or worrying about a problem that is affecting a lot of people and stop giving money to them because the problem has continued for too long.

26) Bag people
Homeless people.

27) To pig out
To eat a lot or too much.

28) Gloom and doom
A feeling or attitude that things are only getting worse.

29) Zero hour
The time at which something starts.

30) Flavour of the month
The most popular person at a particular time.