Idioms and Phrases Page-4

31) To put the lid on
To keep something under control and stop it from increasing.

32) To hang fire
Delay or be delayed in taking action or progressing.

33) Besetting sin
A main or constant problem or fault.

34) Loom large
To be of great importance, especially when referring to an upcoming problem, danger, or threat.

35) Give someone the bum's rush
A hasty and forceful removal from a place.

36) Winkle out
Remove or displace from a position.

37) Whittle away
Cut away in small pieces, to cut or carve something away.

38) Twiddle with
To play with something; to play with something, using one's fingers; to fiddle with something.

39) Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Choose between two undesirable situations.

40) Wild goose chase
A worthless hunt or chase; a futile search.