Idioms and Phrases Page-5

41) Time and tide wait for no man
People cannot stop the passing of time, and therefore should not delay doing things.

42) To live from hand to mouth
To have just enough money to live on and nothing extra.

43) Beat about the bush
Discuss a matter without coming to the point.

44) Fish in troubled waters
Try to take advantage of a confused situation.

45) A bird's eye-view
A good view of something from a high position.

46) Blowing hot and cold together
If someone blows hot and cold, they sometimes seem enthusiastic or interested about something, and sometimes they do not.

47) Every dark cloud has a silver lining
You should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days.

48) Put the cart before the horse
Reverse the proper order or procedure of something.

49) Be in the same boat
To be in the same unpleasant situation as other people.

50) To make clean breast of
To admit something to someone.