FPSC Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau 2013 Past Paper

(A) keep secret
(B) evaluate by oneself
(C) refine
(D) restore
(E) copy

(A) extort
(B) patronize
(C) underbid
(D) stipulate
(E) underwrite

(A) consternation
(B) purification
(C) normalization
(D) approximation
(E) rejuvenation

(A) personal philosophy
(B) imaginative idea
(C) unconfirmed theory
(D) tentative opinion
(E) valid argument

95) This poetry is not _______ it is more likely to appeal to an international audience that is poetry with strictly regional themes.
(A) familiar
(B) technical
(C) democratic
(D) complex
(E) provincial

96) Experienced employers recognize that business students who can _______ different points of view are ultimately more effective as managers than are the brilliant and original students who _______ dogmatically to their own formulations.
(A) discredit, revert
(B) assimilate, adhere
(C) impose, refer
(D) disregard, incline
(E) Advocate, relate

97) The significance of the Magna Carta lies not in its ________ provisions, but in its broader impact: It made the king subject to the law.
(A) specific
(B) revolutionary
(C) implicit
(D) controversial
(E) finite

98) The senator's reputation, though ________ by false allegations of misconduct, emerged from the ordeal _______
(A) shaken, unscathed
(B) destroyed, intact
(C) damaged, impaired
(D) impugned, unclear
(E) tarnished, sullied

99) The theory of cosmic evolution states that the universe, having begun in a state of and has ________ into great variety.
(A) equilibrium, modulated
(B) intelligibility, developed
(C) contrast, metamorphosed
(D) proportion, accelerated
(E) homogeneity, differentiated