Mountains and Plateaus Page-4

31) Which is the second longest mountain of the world?
(A) Indies
(B) Karakoram
(C) Himalayas
(D) Hindu Kush

32) Mt. Kilimanjaro is situated in __________
(A) Asia
(B) Africa
(C) Europe
(D) America

33) Mt. Mckinley is situated in _________
(A) North America
(B) Asia
(C) Africa
(D) Europe

34) What is an "iceberg"?
(A) Mountain of ice in sea
(B) Atargest coral
(C) Mountain of Africa
(D) None of these

35) Epeirogeny is result of __________
(A) Vertical earth movement
(B) Mass movement
(C) Horizontal earth movement
(D) All of the above

36) Scientific study of caves is called ________
(A) Epeirogeny
(B) Sipology
(C) Speleology
(D) Mountalogy

37) Effi plateau is situated in ________
(A) Peru
(B) Brazil
(C) Chile
(D) Paraguay

38) Manaslu mountain peak is situated in the range ________
(A) Andies
(B) Himalaya
(C) Karakoram
(D) Hindu Kush

39) How many mountain peaks are higher than eight thousand metres?
(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 14
(D) 15

40) Which is the third largest mountain peak in the world?
(A) Kangchenjunga
(B) Makalu
(C) Cho oyu
(D) Lhotse