Mountains and Plateaus Page-2

11) Name the mountain range found in South America:
(A) Alps
(B) Andes
(C) Illampu
(D) Rockies

12) How are the caves of the world's greatest fold mountains formed?
(A) Regular movement
(B) Vertical movement
(C) Horizontal movement
(D) Compressional movement

13) Cuesta is _________
(A) A low flat topped hill
(B) A plateau
(C) A plain
(D) A mountain

14) Mount Nuove is found in _________
(A) Yellow stone park USA
(B) Naples in Italy
(C) Nepal
(D) India

15) Deccan plateau is in _________
(A) France
(B) India
(C) Australia
(D) South Africa

16) Siesson mountains are ________
(A) Youngest mountains
(B) Old mountains
(C) Tallest mountains
(D) None of these

17) Chermain mountains are only present in _________
(A) Egypt
(B) Sri Lanka
(C) India
(D) Chile

18) The highest plateau of the world is _________
(A) Potohar plateau
(B) Balochistan plateau
(C) Pamir plateau
(D) Dacan plateau

19) What is the height of the second highest mountain peak K-2?
(A) 8595 metres
(B) 8611 metres
(C) 8217 metres
(D) 8126 metres

20) Which is the highest mountain peak of the world?
(A) Mount Everest
(B) K2
(C) Nanga parbat
(D) None of these

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