General Science Page-6

51) When water is filled in a bottle and is allowed to freeze, the bottle breaks because
(A) Water expands on freezing
(B) Bottle contracts at freezing point
(C) Temperature outside the bottle is less than that inside the bottle
(D) None of Above

52) During a total solar eclipse there is most likely to be
(A) A decrease in the rate of photosynthesis
(B) An increase in the rate of photosynthesis
(C) A decrease in the rate of respiration
(D) No effect on either photosynthesis or respiration

53) Heating element of an electric heater is made up of
(A) Tungsten
(B) Graphite
(C) Nichrome
(D) Chromium

54) In an oil lamp, the oil rises up in the wick due to
(A) Capillary action
(B) Atmospheric pressure
(C) Viscosity of oil
(D) Change in temperature

55) Acid rain contains high levels of
(A) Oxalic acid
(B) Acetic acid
(C) Sulphuric and nitric acid
(D) Carbolic acid

56) Which one of the following would give the highest energy per gram?
(A) Glucose
(B) Proteins
(C) Fats
(D) Sucrose

57) Which one of the following units represents the largest amount of energy?
(A) Calorie
(B) Joule
(C) Erg
(D) Electron volt

58) A woman's voice is shriller than a man's due to
(A) Higher frequency
(B) Higher amplitude
(C) Lower frequency
(D) Weak vocal chords

59) Which gas is used in the preparation of soft drinks
(A) Oxygen
(B) Carbon dioxide
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Halogens

60) Why are soft drinks made with chilled water rather than water at room temperature?
(A) Ingredients dissolve better in chilled temperature
(B) Chilled water enhances the taste
(C) Chilled water attracts more carbon dioxide
(D) Chilled water is more hygienic

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