General Science Page-2

11) Most of the ozone in the atmosphere is concentrated in the
(A) Mesosphere
(B) Troposphere
(C) Stratosphere
(D) Ionosphere

12) The cow's milk contains how much amount of water in terms of percentage?
(A) 60%
(B) 65%
(C) 72%
(D) 80%

13) T.V. transmission cannot cover a very large area because
(A) the strength of T.V. waves is very limited
(B) picture cannot be transmitted clearly after a specific distance
(C) the shape of the earth is spherical
(D) the air is not a good conductor of light and sound/waves

14) The Green House Effect is caused by an excess of
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Carbon monoxide
(C) Carbon tetrachloride
(D) None of the above

15) Bats can also fly in dark because they are capable of taking the help of
(A) Ultraviolet Waves
(B) Ultrasonic Waves
(C) Electromagnetic Waves
(D) Special Retina

16) What is 'Stealth Technology'
(A) A device which when attached to an aircraft makes it invisible on radar
(B) A coating which reduces the visibility of an aircraft on radar
(C) A technology by which it is possible for the aircraft to spy in the enemy air-space
(D) None of the above

17) The primary function of the feathers in birds is to
(A) Provide Insulation for preserving body heat
(B) Provide striking surface to wings for flying
(C) Make the body surface waterproof
(D) Impart colouration for species as well as sex recognition

18) The rear view mirror of a motor vehicle is
(A) Concave
(B) Plane
(C) Convex
(D) Biconcave

19) Lead ball falls through water more slowly than through air because
(A) The value of 'g' is less in water
(B) Density of air is less than that of water
(C) Of the viscous force in water
(D) Of the surface tension of water

20) Fahrenheit thermometer indicates a temperature of 14°F. It's corresponding reading on the Celsius scale will be
(A) -20°C
(B) -10°C
(C) 10°C
(D) 20°C

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