General Science Page-5

41) Which gas is commonly used in balloons and airships?
(A) Hydrogen
(B) Helium
(C) Carbon di oxide
(D) Hydrogen Sulphide

42) A slow-running pendulum can be speeded by?
(A) Increasing the length of the rod
(B) Increasing the weight of bob
(C) Reducing the length of the rod
(D) Reducing the weight of bob

43) A man is standing on the weighing machine in a lift which is moving. The weighing machine will show minimum reading when the lift is moving
(A) Upward with uniform speed
(B) Downward with uniform acceleration
(C) Upward with uniform acceleration
(D) In a free fall due to failure of the lift mechanism

44) The approximate intensity level of sound which can cause damage to the ear drum is
(A) 20 dB
(B) 60 dB
(C) 100 dB
(D) 160 dB

45) Fuse wire is made of
(A) 63% tin and 37% lead
(B) 63% lead and 37% tin
(C) 63% tin and 37% aluminium
(D) 63% lead and 37% aluminium

46) Which one of the following is the main culprit in the thinning of Ozone layer in the earth's stratosphere?
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Chlorofluorocarbons
(C) Nitrogen oxides
(D) Methane

47) Steering of a car involves
(A) A single force
(B) Two forces acting in the same direction
(C) Two forces acting along different lines and in opposite direction
(D) A pair of forces acting along the same line and in opposite direction

48) The property by virtue of which metals can be beaten into thin sheets is known as
(A) Ductility
(B) Malleability
(C) Conductivity
(D) Density

49) The sky appears blue because the earth's atmosphere
(A) Scatters blue light
(B) Reflects blue light
(C) Transmits blue light
(D) Has actual blue cover

50) A tight-rope walker carries a long pole which he holds across his body. The purpose of this pole is to
(A) Prop him up if he falls
(B) Spread out his weight and reduce the pressure on the rope
(C) Add extra weight to keep the rope tightly stretched
(D) To keep the centre of gravity always vertically above the rope

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