General Science Page-10

91) One thousand watt power is called as
(A) 0.5 kilowatt
(B) 0.8 kilowatt
(C) 1.0 kilowatt
(D) 1.5 kilowatt

92) In which system of units, gas bills are charged
(A) Si
(D) (b) and (c)

93) In BTU system, one BTU is equal to
(A) 2055 Joule
(B) 1155 Joule
(C) 2155 Joule
(D) 1055 Joule

94) BTU is the abbreviation of
(A) British technical units
(B) British thermal units
(C) British textile units
(D) British temperature units

95) All forms of energy that we use ate ultimately transformed into
(A) Electrical energy
(B) Heat energy
(C) Light energy
(D) Chemical energy

96) The device used for the measurement of current, voltage and resistance is
(A) AVO meter
(B) Ammeter
(C) Galvanometer
(D) Ohmmeter

97) Silicon is a
(A) Semi-conductor
(B) Insulator
(C) Superconductor
(D) Conductor

98) The speed of sound is
(A) 300 meter per second
(B) 315 meter per second
(C) 340 meter per second
(D) 362 meter per second

99) For sending sound waves at large distance, which waves are used
(A) Infrared waves
(B) Radio waves
(C) Light waves
(D) X-waves

100) The carrier waves used for the radio transmission have frequency up to
(A) 15 KHz
(B) 30 KHz
(C) 90 KHz
(D) 150 KHz

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