1) Which of the following gas is used in fire extinguisher?
(A) Oxygen
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Water vapour
(D) Carbon dioxide

2) Stains of rust from iron on cloth can be removed by?
(A) Hydrogen peroxide
(B) Alcohol
(C) Oxalic acid
(D) Petrol

3) Cooking gas is a mixture of which of the following two gases?
(A) Methane and Carbon dioxide
(B) Oxygen and Nitrogen
(C) Oxygen and Propane
(D) Oxygen and Methane

4) Nameplates made of brass get discolored in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in the air?
(A) Oxygen
(B) Nitrogen
(C) Carbon dioxide
(D) Hydrogen sulphide

5) On addition of salt to water, its
(A) Boiling point increases
(B) Boiling point decreases
(C) Boiling point is not affected
(D) Freezing point increases

6) Which of the following gases does not pollute air?
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Carbon monoxide
(C) Nitrogen dioxide
(D) Sulphur dioxide

7) The inorganic natural resource of the earth is
(A) Mineral fuels
(B) Wood
(C) Coal
(D) Microbes

8) Which one of the following has the highest fuel value?
(A) Hydrogen
(B) Charcoal
(C) Natural gas
(D) Gasoline

9) The characteristic odour of garlic is due to
(A) A chloro compound
(B) A sulphur compound
(C) A fluorine compound
(D) Acetic Acid

10) Which of the following group of compounds constitute carbohydrates?
(A) Fats and sugar
(B) Fats, sugar and proteins
(C) Starch, sugar and proteins
(D) Starch and Sugar


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