Chemistry Page-8

71) The reason for chlorinating water is
(A) To propagate germs
(B) To add taste
(C) To add minerals
(D) To kill germs

72) Cooling of vapors of some compounds change them directly into solid state. This phenomenon is called
(A) Sublimation
(B) Evaporation
(C) Condensation
(D) Crystallization

73) Carbonated drinks are examples of
(A) Gas in gas
(B) Gas in water
(C) Gas in solid
(D) Solid in liquid

74) Smoke is a solution of
(A) Solid in solid
(B) Solid in liquid
(C) Solid in gas
(D) Gas in gas

75) Fog is an example of
(A) Gas in gas
(B) Gas in liquid
(C) Liquid in gas
(D) Liquid in liquid

76) The common battery used in automobiles is
(A) Iron storage battery
(B) Copper storage battery
(C) Lead storage battery
(D) Silver storage battery

77) Which acid is present in sour milk
(A) Citric acid
(B) Tartaric acid
(C) Lactic acid
(D) Formic acid

78) The water that can produce good lather with soap is known as
(A) Soft water
(B) Hard water
(C) Heavy water
(D) Atomic water

79) Which of the following is/are the purest form of carbon?
(A) Diamond
(B) Graphite
(C) Buckyball
(D) Marble

80) The glitter of diamond is
(A) Because it is transparent
(B) Because it is a non-conductor
(C) Due to its quality of reflecting light
(D) Because of its density

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