Chemistry Page-5

41) Butter is a colloid. It is formed when?
(A) Fat is dispersed in solid casein
(B) Fat globules are dispersed in water
(C) Water is dispersed in fat
(D) Globulin is suspended in H2O

42) Milk can be preserved by a few drops of?
(A) Formic acid solution
(B) Formaldehyde solution
(C) Acetic acid solution
(D) Acetaldehyde solution

43) Detergent action of soaps and synthetic detergents is due to their?
(A) Interfacial area
(B) High molecular weight
(C) Ionization
(D) Emulsifying properties

44) Gelatin is often used as an ingredient in the manufacture of ice cream. The purpose of adding gelatin is
(A) To prevent formation of colloidal solution
(B) To stabilize the colloids and prevent crystal growth
(C) To improve the flavour
(D) To increase the bulk

45) Digestion of fats in the intestines is aided by
(A) Hydrolysis
(B) Oxidation
(C) De-emulsification
(D) Emulsification

46) The rate of chemical reaction depends on the nature of chemical reactants, because?
(A) Energy of activation differs from one reactant to another
(B) Some of the reactants are solid at room temperature
(C) Some of the reactants are colored
(D) All are correct

47) A closed flask contains water in all its three states, solids, liquid and vapor at 0°C. In this situation, the average K.E of the water molecule will be?
(A) Maximum in vapor state
(B) Maximum in the solid state
(C) Greater in the liquid than in vapor state
(D) Same in all the three states

48) The reaction taking place at anode and cathode are respectively?
(A) Oxidation, reduction
(B) Oxidation
(C) Reduction, hydrolysis
(D) Oxidation, hydrolysis

49) During electrolysis, metals are deposited at the cathode, because the cathode?
(A) Supplies electrons
(B) Withdraw electrons
(C) Undergoes oxidation
(D) None of these

50) With the rise in temperature conductivity of metals?
(A) Decreases
(B) Increases
(C) Remains unchanged
(D) May decrease or increase

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