List of Countries and their Parliaments Page-4

31) Parliament of Brazil is:
(A) Negeri
(B) Federal Assembly
(C) National Congress
(D) People's Assembly

32) Parliament of Canada is called __________.
(A) Parliament
(B) House of Representative
(C) People's Assembly
(D) National Congress

33) Parliament of Denmark is called _________.
(A) Peoples Assembly
(B) Folketing
(C) National Chamber of Representatives
(D) Federal Assembly

34) Bundesrat is the parliament of ___________.
(A) States General
(B) Germany
(C) Cartes
(D) Diet

35) Parliament of India is called ___________.
(A) Parliament
(B) National Assembly
(C) Federal Assembly
(D) National Congress

36) Parliament of Ireland is called __________.
(A) Knesset
(B) Cortes
(C) Oireachtas
(D) States General

37) Knesset is the parliament of __________.
(A) Ireland
(B) Israel
(C) Mexico
(D) Germany

38) Parliament of Jordan is _________.
(A) Majlis-e-Shoora
(B) Majlis-i-Umma
(C) Majlis-al-Umma
(D) Majlis-ul-Nawab

39) Parliament of Libya is called __________.
(A) National Congress
(B) National Assembly
(C) People's Partition
(D) General People's Congress

40) Parliament of Kuwait is called _________.
(A) Majlis-al-Nawab
(B) Majlis Shoora
(C) Majlis-i-Umma
(D) Majlis-ul-Umma