List of Countries and their Parliaments Page-3

21) Parliament of Netherlands is called __________.
(A) The States General
(B) Sejm
(C) Staten
(D) Parliament

22) Parliament of Poland is called Sejm.Name the Parliament of Romania?
(A) People's Congress
(B) Riksdag
(C) Storting
(D) Grand National Assembly

23) Parliament of Somania is called People's Assembly. By what name Parliament of New Zealand called?
(A) Parliament (House of Representatives)
(B) National Assembly
(C) National Assembly
(D) Storting

24) South African Parliament is called House of Assembly. By what name Parliament of Spain is called?
(A) Sejm
(B) House of Assembly
(C) Staten
(D) Cortes

25) Parliament of Iceland is called __________.
(A) National Congress
(B) National Assembly
(C) Bundesrat
(D) Althing

26) By what name the parliament of Turkey is known?
(A) Grand National Assembly
(B) People's Council
(C) National Assembly
(D) People's Assembly

27) Syrian Parliament is called People's Council. Name the Parliament of United States?
(A) Federal Assembly
(B) National Assembly
(C) People's Assembly
(D) Congress

28) Vanezuela's Parliament is called National Congress. By what name Vietnam Parliament is called?
(A) National Assembly
(B) People's Assembly
(C) People's Council
(D) Congress

29) British Parliament is called Parliament. What is the name of the Parliament of Burma?
(A) Shergo
(B) Pyethic Hluttaw
(C) Land Straad
(D) Folketing

30) Majlis Mesyuarat is the parliament of __________.
(A) Afghanistan
(B) Indonesia
(C) Bolivia
(D) Brunei