List of Countries and their Parliaments Page-5

41) Parliament of Maldives is __________:
(A) People's Assembly
(B) Citizen's Assembly
(C) National Congress
(D) Federal Assembly

42) People's Great Khural is the parliament of __________.
(A) Cuba
(B) Mexico
(C) Mongolia
(D) Nigeria

43) Oireachtas is the parliament of _________.
(A) Spain
(B) Italy
(C) Hungary
(D) Iceland

44) Congress is the parliament of ___________.
(A) Peru
(C) Philippines
(D) All of above

45) Parliament of Oman is called __________.
(A) Majlis-e-Shoora
(B) National Congress
(C) National Assembly
(D) Consultative Assembly

46) Parliament of Philippines is called __________.
(A) People's Congress
(B) Parliament
(C) Congress
(D) National Congress

47) Parliament of Qatar is called ___________.
(A) Advisory Council
(B) Parliament
(C) Majlis Shora
(D) Majlis-al-Umma

48) Doma is the parliament of __________.
(A) India
(B) Burma
(C) Russia
(D) Bhutan

49) Parliament of Sri Lanka is called __________.
(A) Federal Congress
(B) People's Congress
(C) Parliament
(D) National Congress

50) Parliament of Sudan is called ___________.
(A) National Assembly
(B) Constituent Assembly
(C) Parliament
(D) People's Assembly