Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end.

Paper is named for papyrus, a reed like plant used by ancient Egyptians as writing material more than 5,000 year ago. The Chinese Invented the paper that we use 2,000 years ago.

A piece of paper is really made up of tiny fibers, not unlike a piece of material. The fibers used in paper, however, are plant fibers, and there are millions of them in one sheet. In addition to the plant fiber, dyes and additive such as resin may be used. Dyes can make the paper different colours; resins may add weight and texture.

Where do these fibers come from? The majority of paper is made from the plant fiber that comes from trees. Millions are cut down, but new trees are planted in their place. Paper may be also made from things like old rags, or pieces of cloth. Wastepaper, paper that has been made and used, can be turned into recycled paper. This recycling process saves forests and energy and reduces air and water pollution.

1) According to the passage the paper that we use was first invented by
(A) The Chinese
(B) The Egyptians
(C) Ancient cultures
(D) Foresters

2) What is the main ingredient in most paper?
(A) Resin
(B) Cardboard
(C) Plant fiber
(D) Papyrus

3) According to the passage, the primary source of the plant fiber used in paper is
(A) Rags
(B) Trees
(C) Fibric
(D) Wastepaper

4) It can be inferred from the passage that recycling paper is
(A) Detrimental to the environment
(B) Wasteful
(C) Good for the environment
(D) Economical

5) According to the passage, recycling paper does all of the following EXCEPT
(A) Reduce the need for ink
(B) Save forests
(C) Save energy
(D) Reduce air pollution

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