Difference of meanings of similar words
Accede: (admit as true): He conceded the truth of my statement.
Exceed: (greater than): The total loss exceeded one million rupees.

Accept: He accepted my proposal.
Except: All except you were present in the meeting.

Access: (approach): The students have easy access to the Principal.
Excess: (more than is expected or immoderation or beyond the limits of morality): Excess of anything is bad.

Accident: (some unfortunate happening): He was killed in a road accident.
Incident: (event or happening):

Addition: (to add): ljaz made a valuable addition of forty runs to the score.
Edition: This is the latest edition of the Caravan College Essays.

Advice: He acted upon my advice.
Advise: The teacher advised me to work hard.

Affect: (have effect on): His father's advice deeply affected him.
Effect: The medicine had no effect on him.

Allusion: (historical reference): I have not followed many allusions in his essay.
Illusion: (deception): Shining sand in the desert was nothing but an illusion of water.

Adapt: (adjust): When you go abroad you must adapt yourself to the new environment.
Adopt: (take an idea or custom and use it): I like your methods of teaching and would like to adopt them.
Adept: (expert): He is adept in photography.

Altar: (platform): He sacrificed his life on the altar of freedom.
Alter: I am not going to alter my decision.

Amiable: (lovable): I have liking for his amiable ways.
Amicable: (friendly): We reached an amicable settlement after an hour's discussion.

Beach: (shore): After taking bath the tourists were basking on the beach.
Beech: There are many beech trees in the forest.

Ascent: (going up): Ascent to the hill is difficult.
Assent: (approval): The Governor gave assent to the bill.

Berth: (seat): He got a berth reserved in the rail express.
Birth: Shane celebrate the birth of his son by rifle shots.

Berry: He was selling berries.
Bury: The Muslims bury the dead bodies.

Bridal: She looked beautiful in her bridal dress.
Bridle: (control): Bridle your tongue, please.
Bridle: (reins): I caught the horse by the bridle.

Beside: (by the side of): He was sitting beside his mother.
Besides: (in addition to): He gave his servant some clothes besides his salary.

Bow: (bend down): We all bow before God.
Boughs: (branches of trees): The boughs were laden with fruit.

Calendar: I bought a new year calendar.
Calender: (press): Please calender this coat for me.

Cannon: (a big gun): Cannons were used in the battle field.
Canon: (a rule or a principle): The canons of morality direct us that we must respect the rights of our neighbours.

Caste: There should be no caste system in any religion.
Cast: (throw): He cast his net in the tank for catching fish.

Yoke: The farmer yoke the oxen and started ploughing the field.
Yolk: The yolk of an egg is very nourishing.

Wine: The use of wine is prohibited in many countries.
Vine: His mouth began to water on seeing juicy grapes hanging from a vine.

Weather: The weather is fine today.
Whether: He asked me whether i would like to accompany him to cinema.

Week: I shall be going abroad next week.
Weak: He has become very weak on account of illness.

Wave: The waves were breaking against the seashore.
Waive: (to forego): He waived his claim to the property in favour of his younger brother.

Vain: (useless): He made a vain attempt to win a scholarship.
Vein: (blood vessel): Royal blood runs in his veins.

Urban: (cities and towns): There is exodus of population from rural to urban areas.
Urbane: (cultured): She is a polished and urbane lady.

Tale: His tale of woe is pathetic indeed.
Tail: Cows keep off flies with the help of their tail.

Stationary: The earth is not stationary.
Stationery: He deals in stationery.

Scent: (smell): The rose gives a sweet scent.
Sent: He was sent on a secret mission.

Quiet: Please keep quiet, don't make noise.
Quite: I am quite well now.

Pale: He turned pale on seeing the lion.
Pail: (a pot): She was carrying a pail of water when she fell down the stairs.

Plain: The plains of my country are fertile.
Plane: The plane landed at the airport.

Pore: Our body has thousands of pores.
Pour: Pour some water in the cup.

Metal: Gold is precious metal.
Mettle: (courage): The soldier showed his mettle in the battle field.

Heal: The wound would heal soon.
Heel: She wears high heel shoes.

Hale: He is quite hale and hearty.
Hail: The crops were destroyed by hails.

Gate: I met him at the gate of his house.
Gait: (manner of walking): Her gait is graceful.

Farther: (away): Delhi is farther away from Mumbai.
Further: (ahead): As we went further we saw a bear.

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