Important English words with Meanings

1) Extravagant
(A) spendthrift
(B) फ़िजूल ख़र्च
(C) فضول خرچ

2) Inferior
(A) Lower in status
(B) अवर
(C) کمتر

3) Gloom
(A) Feelings of great unhappiness
(B) उदासी
(C) اداسی

4) Imminent
(A) About to happen
(B) आसन्न
(C) قریب

5) Sanctity
(A) Holiness, sacredness
(B) पवित्रता
(C) صحبت

6) Deliberate
(A) Intentionally
(B) जानबूझकर
(C) جان بوجھ کر

7) Futile
(A) Fruitless
(B) व्यर्थ
(C) لاحاصل

8) Austerity
(A) Sternness or severity of manner or attitude.
(B) तपस्या
(C) حساسیت

9) Vehemently
(A) With great feeling
(B) जोरदार
(C) سختی

10) Plunge
(A) Jump, Hurl
(B) डुबकी
(C) غوطہ دینا

11) Trivialize
(A) Make (something) seem less important
(B) महत्वहीन
(C) بے لطف کر دینا

12) Nix
(A) Put an end to; cancel
(B) सिफ़र
(C) منسوخ

13) Negate
(A) Make ineffective; nullify.
(B) नकारना
(C) انکار کرنا

14) Impunity
(A) Exemption from punishment.
(B) दण्ड मुक्ति
(C) مستثنی

15) Deceit
(A) Fraud, Cheating
(B) छल
(C) دھوکہ

16) Adamant
(A) Determined, Firm
(B) अटल
(C) ضد

17) Envision
(A) Imagine as a future possibility
(B) कल्पना करना
(C) خیال

18) Explicit
(A) Stated clearly and in detail
(B) नकारना
(C) واضح

19) Auspicious
(A) Favourable
(B) शुभ क
(C) اچھا

20) Prudent
(A) Acting with or showing care
(B) विवेकी
(C) محتاط

21) Lambaste
(A) Criticize (someone or something) harshly
(B) आलोचना करना
(C) تنقید

22) Replenish
(A) Refill
(B) फिर से भरना
(C) بھرنے

23) Volatile
(A) Liable to change rapidly and unpredictably
(B) परिवर्तनशील
(C) غیر مستحکم

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