PPSC - Punjab Public Service Commission Naib Tehsildar 2013 Past Paper

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Naib Tehsildar Past Paper of 2013

1) 'Kyoto Protocol' is an international treaty relating to
(a) Child labour abuses
(b) Environmental Problems
(c) Elimination of chemical and biological weapons
(d) Women's rights

2) 'Vasco da Gama' was a
(a) Portuguese explorer
(b) French mathematician
(c) English novelist
(d) Italian tourist

3) Africa's largest island "Madagascar" is located in the
(a) North Atlantic Ocean
(b) South Atlantic Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean
(d) Pacific Ocean

4) Which of the following sufi saints belong to Chishti order
(a) Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakariya
(b) Hazrat Shah Rukn-i-Alam
(c) Hazrat Farid-ud-Din Ganj Shakar
(d) None of the above

5) Which of the following continent has no desert
(a) Australia
(b) North America
(c) South America
(d) Europe

6) The designation of a Deputy Commissioner under the local government system Pakistan is
(a) District Nazim
(b) District Administrative Officer
(c) District Coordination Officer
(d) District Executive

7) "Bay of Biscay" is situated between
(a) France and Spain
(b) Sweden and Finland
(c) Italy and Greece
(d) Estonia and Latvia

8) The World's smallest state by area is
(a) Monaco
(b) San Marano
(c) Vatican City
(d) Nauru

9) 'Heathrow International Airport' is in
(a) New York
(b) London
(c) Chicago
(d) Paris

10) Which of the following statements is wrong?
(a) Pakistan Standard Time is 5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time
(b) Pakistan Standard Time was adopted on October 1, 1951
(c) Greenwich observatory is located in England
(d) None of the above