PPSC - Punjab Public Service Commission Naib Tehsildar 2013 Past Paper-2

11) Which of the following region is 'Peninsula'?
(a) Arabia
(b) Scandinavia
(c) Alaska
(d) None of above

12) Identify the main cause of disturbances in the 'Maluku' Island of Indonesia
(a) Maximum autonomy from the centre demanded
(b) Complete independence and statehood proposed
(c) Muslim and Christian religious conflict
(d) None of above

13) Which city is the oldest habited capital in the world?
(a) Cairo
(b) Damascus
(c) Athens
(d) Tehran

14) 'Temple Trees' is an official residence of the
(a) King of Nepal
(b) King of Bhutan
(c) President of Maldives
(d) Prime minister of Sri Lanka

15) The famous oil painting "Mona Lisa" is the creation of
(a) Leonardo da vinci
(b) Pablo Picasso
(c) Florence Nightingale
(d) None of the above

16) "Trans World Airlines" is an airlines of
(a) U.K
(b) France
(c) USA
(d) Russia

17) Which of the following statements is wrong?
(a) The World's biggest zoo is in Namibia
(b) The World's highest waterfall is Angel
(c) The World's driest place "Death Valley" is in California
(d) The World's longest glacier is siachen

18) Which of the following statements is incorrect?
(a) The smallest planet is "Venus"
(b) The World's largest river in volume of water is Nile
(c) Ireland is called 'Land of Snakes'
(d) At night clouds are lower than during the day

19) 139 members of the United Nations have signed the 1998 Rome Treaty for the creation of a new international institution i.e
(a) International Criminal Court
(b) International Wildlife Protection Agency
(c) International Water Preservation Authority
(d) International Marine Life Protection Agency

20) Which of the following country's parliament is called 'Crotes'?
(a) Canada
(b) Norway
(c) Spain
(d) Germany