PPSC - Punjab Public Service Commission Naib Tehsildar 2013 Past Paper-8

71) The World's most populous city is
(a) Mexico City
(b) Beijing
(c) New York
(d) Tokyo

72) How many countries are in UNO?
(a) 191
(b) 192
(c) 193
(d) 194

73) Who is US Secretary of State
(a) Sarah Palin
(b) Hillary Clinton
(c) Baris Baker
(d) None of above

74) Hu Jintao is president of
(a) France
(b) China
(c) Japan
(d) Belgium

75) 1 square foot is equal to
(a) 36 square inches
(b) 72 square inches
(c) 120 square inches
(d) 144 square Inches