General Science Page-5

41) The protein content of edible portion of egg is:
(A) 15%
(B) 13.3%
(C) 10.3%
(D) 5%

42) The protein content in wheat is approximately:
(A) 6%
(B) 8%
(C) 12%
(D) 16%

43) Which one of the following descending order of items by their fat content?
(A) Egg yolk, butter, cheese, cream, milk
(B) Butter, ghee, cheese, egg yolk, cream
(C) Cream, cheese, condensed milk, egg(whole), cow milk
(D) Ghee, butter, egg yolk, cheese. condensed milk

44) The pH of human blood is between:
(A) 6.5-7
(B) 7.5-8
(C) 8-9
(D) 4.5-5

45) Which one of the following is used as a disinfectant in water treatment?
(A) Alum
(B) Charcoal
(C) Kieselguhr
(D) Potassium permanganate

46) Why should a parachute have a hole in it?
(A) If there is no hole the parachute will be torn out
(B) While descending, the changing currents may cause oscillation of the parachute:the hole allows the air to run out.
(C) If there is no hole, descending is not possible because upward thrust of the air will be balanced with the downward thus pull off the earth.
(D) None of these

47) Why do the electricians wear rubber gloves while touching wires?
(A) With rubber gloves they can hold wires properly
(B) Rubber is a bad conductor of electricity and electrician does not get electrocuted
(C) It helps in the smooth flow of the current
(D) None of these

48) How does a lightening conductor protect the buildings?
(A) It absorbs the charges released by lightening
(B) It helps the charge to pass into the earth
(C) It scatters the charge from lightening
(D) None of these

49) How does a man die by touching a live wire?
(A) The current passes into earth through the man's body.As the circuit is complete it burns the body.
(B) The current stops the flow of blood through the heart.
(C) It affects the nervous system and so kills brains' cells.
(D) None of these

50) Why are two blankets warmer than one:
(A) Two blankets have more wool and so warmer
(B) Two blankets enclose air which does not allow the cold to penetrate
(C) Two blankets compress the air in between the body and the blankets and this compressing produces heat.
(D) None of these

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