General Science Page-6

51) How does a bulb emit light?
(A) As the electricity passes into the bulb its glass begins to shine
(B) As electricity passes in the vacuum of the bulb it changes into heat, so glows
(C) The current passes through a tungsten wire of high resistance which becomes so hot as to glow.
(D) None of these

52) Why does boatman push the bank with Pole to make the boat move?
(A) When he pushes the bank, the bank pushes him, action and reaction are equal and opposite
(B) The bank cannot move but the boat moves
(C) By pushing the bank he tries to overcome the attraction of the bank for the boat
(D) He pushes the bank to produce waves in the water

53) When a piece of stone gets hot in fire, it has tendency to fly from it. Why?
(A) Heated stone gets the energy which makes it to fly
(B) The outer layer expands before the inner part
(C) Heated stone breaks because the binding of the elements melt
(D) None of these

54) Why has a metal teapot an ebony handle?
(A) It being black in color, does not allow heat to escape
(B) Ebony is a bad conductor of heat so the handle does not become hot
(C) It looks beautiful
(D) None of these

55) Why does a cyclist bend while taking a curved turn?
(A) Movement to the cycle and the main must be same otherwise the cycle will slip off
(B) He bends in order to make the centre of gravity remain within the base. This will save him from falling
(C) He bends in order to put pressure on the wheels to take the curved course
(D) None of these

56) Why do diamonds shine at night?
(A) Diamonds are radioactive so there are radiations
(B) On account of high refractive index the rays of light get internally reflected
(C) Diamonds shine because they have some amount of radium in them
(D) None of these

57) Why do the front wheels of motor cars lean outward slightly?
(A) It is done to allow for difference in angles: this gives stability to the car while taking a turn.
(B) It gives a broader base to the car
(C) It helps to avoid bumping on uneven roads

58) Why is it easier to swim in sea water than in river?
(A) Density of sea water is higher
(B) Currents in sea water keeps the person afloat
(C) Sea water is saltish and so has an upward thrust
(D) None of these

59) Pediatrics refers to:
(A) Care of pregnant woman
(B) Care of old people
(C) Care of children
(D) Care of bones and joints

60) The father of Modern Science section is:
(A) Bernard Russell
(B) Galileo Galilei
(C) Aldous Huxley
(D) Maupassant

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