General Science Page-4

31) Among the following food items, which one has the highest amount of carbohydrates?
(A) Apple
(B) Banana
(C) Cabbage
(D) Pea

32) Which among the following is the richest source of ascorbic acid?
(A) Apple
(B) Bean
(C) Carrot
(D) Guava

33) The compound used in anti-malarial drug is:
(A) Aspirin
(B) Neoprene
(C) Isoprene
(D) Chloroquine

34) BCG vaccination (Bacillus Calmette Guerin) is injected to get immunity from:
(A) Polio
(B) Cholera
(C) Small pox
(D) Tuberculosis

35) Which of the following test helps in diagnosis of cancer?
(A) X-ray
(B) Urine test
(C) Blood test
(D) Biopsy test

36) In the balanced dietaries for a day of an adult working man, weights of carbohydrate food and total protein food (both superior and inferior) should be in order of:
(A) 420 gm and 420 gm respectively
(B) 420 gm and 600 gm respectively
(C) 600 gm and 420 gm respectively
(D) 600 gm and 600 gm respectively

37) Which of the following elements are present in all proteins?
1. Carbon
2. Hydrogen
3. Oxygen
4. Nitrogen:

(A) 2 and 3
(B) 1,2 and 4
(C) 1,3 and 4
(D) 1,2,3 and 4

38) Arrange the following in descending order of calorie content per 100 gram and choose the correct answer?

(A) 2,3,4,1
(B) 3,2,4,1
(C) 2,4,3,1
(D) 3,4,2,1

39) Match the following:
(A) Lemons 1. Alginic acid
(B) Seaweeds 2. Acetic acid
(C) Grapes 3. Tartaric acid
(D) Vinegar 4. Citric acid
A B C D A B C D (a) 1 3 4 2
(b) 2 4 3 1
(c) 3 2 1 4
(d) 4 1 3 2

40) In mammals, the part of the brain that has reached highest level of development and that has enabled humans to grow their own crops, invent machines, develop language art is:
(A) Cerebrum
(B) Cerebellum
(C) Medulla oblongata
(D) None of these

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