General Science Page-10

91) What is necessary for photo-synthesis?
(A) CO2, sunlight, carbohydrates, water
(B) Oxygen, CO2, sunlight
(C) Water, CO2, Chlorophyll, sunlight
(D) Chlorophyll, oxygen, carbohydrates

92) Bagasse a by-product of sugar manufacturing industry, is used for the production of:
(A) Paper
(B) Alcohol
(C) Confectioneries
(D) Glass

93) When water boils, its temperature:
(A) Begins to increase
(B) Begins to decrease
(C) Remains constant
(D) Fluctuates around a value

94) Photosynthesis involves:
(A) Reduction of CO2 and oxidation of water
(B) Oxidation of H2O and release of O2
(C) Reduction of CO2 oxidation of H2O and release of O2
(D) Reduction of CO2, oxidation of H2O and release of CO2

95) X-rays and γ-rays are able to destroy the living tissues by the process of:
(A) Ionization
(B) Scattering
(C) Oxidation
(D) Electrolysis

96) The antibiotic penicillin is obtained from:
(A) Bacteria
(B) Plants
(C) Sea weeds
(D) Fungus

97) Which of the following has been found useful in keeping the cholesterol level down?
(A) Garlic
(B) Serpentina
(C) Tulsi
(D) Turmeric
(E) None of these

98) Which of the following scales was devised by Celsius?
(A) Absolute
(B) Centigrade
(C) Fahrenheit
(D) Romer

99) Light energy is converted into chemical energy by:
(A) Electrolysis
(B) Respiration
(C) Transpiration
(D) Photosynthesis

100) Which of the following is used as a food preservative?
(A) Sodium benzoate
(B) Sodium perborate
(C) Citric acid
(D) None of the above

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