General Science Page-9

81) The plant which bears fruit only once in its life time is:
(A) Grapes
(B) Banana
(C) Papaya
(D) Date

82) Which of the following is the correct sequence of evolution:
(A) Frogs - Birds - Reptiles - Fishes - Mammals
(B) Birds - Frogs - Reptiles - Mammals - Fishes
(C) Fishes - Reptiles - Frogs - Mammals - Birds
(D) Fishes - Frogs - Reptiles - Birds - Mammals

83) Amnesia is related to:
(A) Loss of memory
(B) Loss of hearing
(C) Loss of Teeth
(D) Sleeping sickness

84) Speed of sound is greater in solids than in liquids because:
(A) The atoms in solids are regularly arranged
(B) The liquids have high elasticity
(C) The solids have high elasticity
(D) The atom in liquids are closely packed

85) Rainbow is produced by tiny rain drops suspended in front of sun rays as a result of:
(A) Reflection and interference
(B) Refraction and dispersion
(C) Interference
(D) Reflection, refraction and dispersion

86) All the following contribute to pollution except:
(A) Thermal power plants
(B) Automobiles
(C) Nuclear power plants
(D) Hydro-electric power project

87) The hormone that increases the rate of heart beat and blood pressure after shock in a person is:
(A) Pancreas
(B) Adrenalin
(C) Thyroxine
(D) Gastrin

88) Of the following which provides the maximum amount of energy in the present day world?
(A) Hydroelectric power resources
(B) Coal
(C) Liquid fuels
(D) Atomic energy

89) The newly discovered high-temperature superconductors are:
(A) Metal alloys
(B) Pure rare-earth metals
(C) Ceramic oxides
(D) Inorganic polymers

90) 'Pasteurized Milk' is:
(A) Specially treated milk in order to kill bacteria
(B) Milk mixed with protein rich powder
(C) Milk rich in fats
(D) Medicated milk for children
(E) None of these

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