General Science Page-6

51) The average life of a red blood cell in the body is about:
(A) 95 days
(B) 105 days
(C) 120 days
(D) 130 days

52) The amount of hemoglobin present in blood is about 15 gm per 100 ml blood and this amount is usually called '100 per cent'. What percentage is considered normal?
(A) 70 per cent
(B) 80 per cent
(C) 85 per cent
(D) over 90 per cent

53) The other name of Vitamin C is:
(A) Formic acid
(B) Acetic acid
(C) Ascorbic acid
(D) Riboflavin

54) Lightning flash and thunderbolt occur at one and the same time:
(A) The light is seen after the sound is heard
(B) The sound is heard at the same time as the light is seen
(C) The light is seen first and sound is heard afterwards
(D) Sometimes light is seen first and sometimes sound is heard first

55) Which of the following pairs is not correct?
(A) Barometer - Torricelli
(B) Telescope - Galileo
(C) Aeroplane - Barthelemy
(D) Helicopter - Briquette

56) Which of the following is used in fire extinguishers?
(A) Carbon sulphite
(B) Carbon monoxide
(C) Carbon dioxide
(D) Mixture of the gases

57) Earth's crust have the abundant reserves of:
(A) Iron, silicon and oxygen
(B) Silicon, nitrogen and aluminium
(C) Silicon, oxygen and aluminium
(D) Iron, silicon and nitrogen

58) Pure gold is:
(A) 17 carat
(B) 20 carat
(C) 24 carat
(D) 36 carat

59) One horse power is equal to:
(A) 736 watts
(B) 746 watts
(C) 748 watts
(D) 756 watts

60) Dynamo is a device that converts:
(A) Mechanical energy into electrical energy
(B) Electrical energy into mechanical energy
(C) Alternating current into direct current
(D) Heat energy into electrical energy

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