Pie Chart

Question 1-5 are based on the Pie Chart

1) Which region was the most populated region in 1964?
(A) East North Central
(B) Middle Atlantic
(C) South Atlantic
(D) Pacific
(E) New England

2) Which part of the entire population lived in Mountain region?
(A) 1/10
(B) 1/30
(C) 1/50
(D) 1/25
(E) 1/8

3) What was the approximate population in the pacific region?
(A) 20 million
(B) 24 million
(C) 30 million
(D) 28 million
(E) 15 million

4) Approximately how many people lived in the Middle Atlantic region than in the South Atlantic?
(A) 4.0 million
(B) 7.7 million
(C) 5.2 million
(D) 9.3 million
(E) 8.5 million

5) What was the total population in all the regions combined?
(A) 73.3 million
(B) 100.0 million
(C) 191.0 million
(D) 126.8 million
(E) 98.5 million

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