Mensuration Quantitative Aptitude Questions

1) Three sides of a triangular field are 20 metres, 21 metres and 29 metres long respectively. The area of the field is?
(A) 200 m2
(B) 210 m2
(C) 290 m2
(D) 300 m2

2) The area of a triangular lawn is 1600 sq m. If one side is 64 m long and the other two sides are equal in length, the length of each equal side is
(A) 58.36
(B) 60.26
(C) 59.36
(D) 60.37

3) The length of each side of a triangle is 12 cm. The height of the triangle is
(A) 6 √2cm
(B) 3 √2cm
(C) 6 √3cm
(D) 8 √3cm

4) The length of a rectangle is thrice its breadth and its perimeter is 96 m. The area of the rectangle is
(A) 288 sq. m
(B) 442sq. m
(C) 438sq. m
(D) 432 sq. m

5) If the sides of a rectangle are increased by 30% the percentage increase in its area is
(A) 90
(B) 29
(C) 69
(D) 60

6) A wheel revolves 1254 times in travelling a distance of 2 km 5 hectometer and 8 meters. The circumference of the wheel is
(A) 2 m
(B) 3 m
(C) 5 m
(D) 6 m

7) The external dimensions of a wooden box are 18 cm, 10 cm and 6 cm and thickness of the wood is 0.5 cm. The volume of the box is
(A) 780 cm3
(B) 765 cm3
(C) 914 cm3
(D) 1080 cm3

8) A sphere of radius 0.12 m is melted and out of the metal a fine wire of radius 1 millimetre is drawn out. The length of the wire will be
(A) 2300 m
(B) 2304 m
(C) 2400 m
(D) 2404 m

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