General Biology Page-8

71) The Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder Day is observed on:
(A) 5th November
(B) 21st October
(C) 30th October
(D) 31st October

72) Who invented the Polio vaccine (Oral) ?
(A) Janas Salk
(B) Burk Holder
(C) Robert Koch
(D) Albert Sabin

73) Which type of cells in our body act as an immune system against diseases?
(A) Platelets
(B) Red blood cells
(C) White blood cells
(D) Hemoglobin

74) What is the peritoneum?
(A) A membrane
(B) An organ
(C) A muscle
(D) A bone

75) Fat is a?
(A) Lipid
(B) Protein
(C) Amino acid
(D) Ether

76) The unused fat present in the body is?
(A) Converted into carbohydrates
(B) Removed as waste from the body
(C) Reconverted into animal fat and stored in different parts of the body
(D) Easily destroyed by certain enzymes present in the body

77) Which is an essential constituent of diet?
(A) Starch
(B) Glucose
(C) Amino acid
(D) Carbohydrates

78) Which has maximum protein?
(A) Ground nut
(B) Cow milk
(C) Egg
(D) Wheat

79) Which of the following gives maximum energy in metabolic process?
(A) Proteins
(B) Carbohydrates
(C) Vitamins
(D) Fats

80) Lack of essential amino acids in diet can cause disease such as:
(A) Kwashiorkor
(B) Rickets
(C) Scurvy
(D) Diabetes

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