General Biology Page-10

91) DNA model was given by:
(A) Beadle and Talum
(B) Fisher and Haldane
(C) Lederberg and Talum
(D) Watson and Crick

92) The theory of inheritance of acquired characters was propounded by:
(A) Charles Darwin
(B) Gregor Mendel
(C) J.B Lamarck
(D) Weismann

93) Which of the following has no blood, but respires?
(A) Cockroach
(B) Earthworm
(C) Fish
(D) Hydra

94) Pituitary gland is a gland attached to the:
(A) Liver
(B) Neck region
(C) Spleen
(D) Base of the brain

95) Which of the following is the correct sequence?
(A) Green plants - animals - biosphere - atmosphere
(B) Green plants - biosphere - animals - atmosphere
(C) Animals - green plants - atmosphere - biosphere
(D) Atmosphere - green plants - animals - biosphere

96) Liver produces?
(A) Hormones
(B) Bile
(C) Enzymes

97) Synthesis of gene in the laboratory was done for the first time by:
(A) Har Gobind Khorana
(B) Gregor Mendel
(C) Watson adn Crick
(D) Paul Berg

98) Which of the following is the basic characteristic of a living organism?
(A) Ability to move
(B) Ability to reproduce
(C) Ability to eat
(D) Ability to breath

99) All the following are invertebrates except:
(A) Snail
(B) Crab
(C) Prawn
(D) Fish

100) Which of the following is an anti-depressant?
(A) Benzedrine
(B) Aspirin
(C) Equanil
(D) None

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