Economics Page-8

71) From when did the Euro become a legal tender?
(A) 1 December 1999
(B) 4 January 2000
(C) 1 January 2001
(D) 1 January 2002

72) South Asia has 22% of the world's population.The percentage of income it has is:
(A) 22%
(B) 10%
(C) 5%
(D) 1%

73) Which city in Germany has the distinction of housing the first car manufacturing plant in the world?
(A) Frankfurt
(B) Bonn
(C) Berlin
(D) Stuttgart

74) Oil is measured in barrels. What is the abbreviation for barrels?
(A) Brl
(B) Bel
(C) Bbl
(D) Obl

75) What term is given to unemployment caused by a downturn in the business cycle?
(A) Underemployment
(B) Disguised unemployment
(C) Temporary unemployment
(D) Cyclical unemployment

76) What do you call a situation where consumers buy less of the goods when its price falls and more of the goods when it rises?
(A) Marshall's Paradox
(B) Adam's Law
(C) Gresham's Law
(D) Giffen's Paradox

77) What is common to the words creep, rise, gallop, burgeon, spiral, increase, climb and soar?
(A) Inflation
(B) Income
(C) Tax
(D) Import

78) What is structural unemployment?
(A) Unemployment caused by the changing structure of an industry or of society
(B) Unemployment caused after the completion of a major construction project
(C) Unemployment caused due to depressed economy
(D) Unemployment caused due to industrial sickness

79) Which treaty established the European Economic Community (EEC)?
(A) Rome Treaty of 1957
(B) Bretton Woods Treaty of 1944
(C) Geneva Treaty, 1947
(D) London Treaty, 1957

80) The term dollar is not a part of the name of the currency in which of the following countries?
(A) Malaysia
(B) Italy
(C) Singapore

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