Computer Graphics Page-3

21) Hue of color is related to?
(A) Luminance
(B) Saturation
(C) Incandescence
(D) Wavelength

22) The phenomenon of having a continuous glow of a beam on the screen even after it is removed is called as?
(A) Fluorescence
(B) Persistence
(C) Phosphorescence
(D) Incandescence

23) The line 2x - y + 4 = 0, if clipped against this window will connect the points?
(A) (0, 1) and (3, 3)
(B) (0, 1) and (2, 3)
(C) (1, 2) and (4, 2)
(D) None of above

24) Reflection of a point about x-axis, followed by a counter-clockwise rotation of 900, is equivalent to reflection about the line?
(A) x = -y
(B) y = -x
(C) x = y
(D) x + y = 1

25) The point at which a set of projected parallel lines appear to coverage is called as a?
(A) convergence point
(B) vanishing point
(C) point of illusion
(D) point of delusion

26) The basic element of a picture in volume graphics is?
(A) pixel
(B) volsel
(C) voxel
(D) None of above

27) Let R be the radius of a circle. The angle subtended by an arc of length R at the center of the circle is ?
(A) 1 degree
(B) 1 radian
(C) 45 degree
(D) None of these

28) A circle, if scaled only in one direction becomes a ?
(A) parabola
(B) hyperbola
(C) ellipse
(D) remains a circle

29) A bilinear transformation can be simulated by the transformation?
(A) transformation, rotation and stretching
(B) translation and rotation
(C) rotation, stretching and inversion
(D) rotation, stretching, inversion and translation

30) The anti - aliasing technique which allows shift of 1/4,1/2 and 3/4 of a pixel diameter enabling a closer path of a line is?
(A) Pixel phasing
(B) Filtering
(C) Intensity compensation
(D) Sampling technique