Computer Graphics Page-4

31) Raster is a synonym for the term?
(A) Array
(B) Matrix
(C) Model
(D) All of above

32) The ___ simply reads each successive byte of data from the frame buffer?
(A) Digital Controller
(B) Data Controller
(C) Display Controller
(D) All of above

33) Reflection of a point about x-axis, followed by a counter-clockwise rotation of 900, is equivalent to reflection about the line?
(A) x = -y
(B) y = -x
(C) x = y
(D) x + y = 1

34) In the raster scan method for transformation, a 900 rotation can be performed by?
(A) reversing the order of bits within each row in the frame buffer
(B) by performing XOR on the frame buffer location
(C) by coping each row of the block into a column in the new frame buffer location
(D) None of above

35) Oblique projection with an angle of 450 to the horizontal plane is called as ?
(A) Cabinet projection
(B) Isometric projection
(C) Cavalier projection
(D) None of these

36) (2,4) is a point on a circle that has center at the origin. Which of the following points are also on circle ?
(A) (2,-4)
(B) (-2,4)
(C) (4,-2)
(D) (-4,2)
(E) All of above

37) Aspect ratio is generally defined as the ratio of the?
(A) Vertical to horizontal points
(B) Horizontal to vertical points
(C) Vertical to (horizontal + vertical) points
(D) Either A or B, depending on the convention followed

38) The maximum number of points that can be displayed without overlap on a CRT is refereed to as?
(A) Resolution
(B) Persistence
(C) Attenuation
(D) None of above

39) Gray scale is used in?
(A) Monitor that have color capability
(B) Monitor that have no color capability
(C) Random scan display
(D) None of above

40) x = at2; y = 2at is the parametric equation of ??
(A) Circle
(B) Rectangular hyperbola
(C) Parabola
(D) Ellipse