Synonyms Page-13

121) Abundance
(A) scarcity
(B) plenty
(C) excess
(D) access

122) Accentuate
(A) to speed up
(B) emphasize
(C) agree
(D) act strongly

123) Access
(A) an elongated addition
(B) means of entering
(C) large surplus
(D) a keeping in repair

124) Acclamation
(A) harmony of feeling
(B) possession of something new
(C) appointment
(D) enthusiastic approval

125) Acclimation
(A) storm's end
(B) keenness
(C) decline
(D) adaptation

126) Accolade
(A) balcony
(B) outer garment
(C) drink
(D) honour

127) Accomplice
(A) friend
(B) fatalist
(C) companion in crime
(D) hardworking

128) Accrue
(A) come about by addition
(B) reach summit
(C) create a crisis
(D) process

129) Accumulate
(A) to select
(B) to collect
(C) to pile
(D) to stock

130) Acerbic
(A) boorish
(B) bitter
(C) insane
(D) ingratiating