Reading Comprehension - 4

In 1807 Noah Webster began his greatest work, An American Dictionary of the English Language. In preparing the manuscript, he devoted ten years to the study of English and its relationship to other languages, and seven more years to the writing itself. Published in two volumes in 1828. An American Dictionary of the English Language has become the recognized authority for usage in the United States. Webster's purpose in writing it was to demonstrate that the American language was developing distinct meanings, pronunciations, and spellings from those of British English. He is responsible for advancing simplified spelling forms: develop instead of the British form develope; theater and center instead of theatre and centre; color and honor instead of colour and honour.

1) When was An American Dictionary of the English Language published?
(A) 1817
(B) 1828
(C) 1807
(D) 1824

2) According to this passage, which one of the following spellings Webster have approved in his dictionaries?
(A) develop
(B) theatre
(C) color
(D) honour

3) According to the author, Webster's purpose in writing an American Dictionary of the English language was to
(A) respond to the need for new school books
(B) demonstrate the distinct development of the English language in America
(C) promote spelling forms based upon British
(D) influence the pronunciation of English Language

4) In how many volumes was An American Dictionary of the English Language published
(A) one volume
(B) two volumes
(C) three volumes
(D) four volumes

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