One Word Substitution Set-3

1) One who comes from a country area and is often considered to be stupid
(A) Villager
(B) Rustic
(C) Bumpkin
(D) Philanderer

2) Murder of a new-born child
(A) Homicide
(B) Regicide
(C) Fratricide
(D) Infanticide

3) Walk in a vain, self-important way
(A) Jog
(B) Trek
(C) Trudge
(D) Strut

4) Place which provides both board and lodging
(A) Cafe
(B) Inn
(C) Restaurant
(D) Yokel

5) Clumsy or ill-bred fellow
(A) Boor
(B) Oaf
(C) Lout
(D) Yokel

6) A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc
(A) Booth
(B) Stall
(C) Boutique
(D) Store

7) Thing that can be felt or touched
(A) Pandemic
(B) Palpable
(C) Paltry
(D) Panchromatic

8) A person who readily believes others
(A) Credible
(B) Credulous
(C) Sensible
(D) Sensitive

9) A book containing summarized information on all branches of knowledge
(A) Dictionary
(B) Anthology
(C) Encyclopedia
(D) Directory

10) The normal abode of any animal or plant
(A) Environment
(B) Habitat
(C) Settlement
(D) Niche

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