One Word Substitution Set-3 Page-9

81) That which cannot be rectified or made good
(A) Irreparable
(B) Irrevocable
(C) Irreconcilable
(D) Irreplaceable

82) A ride on someone else's back or shoulders
(A) Hunchback
(B) Piggyback
(C) Kickback
(D) Cuddle

83) A cure for all diseases
(A) Exorcism
(B) Incantation
(C) Panacea
(D) Antibiotic

84) Unreasoning enthusiasm for the glorification of one's country
(A) Communism
(B) Imperialism
(C) Patriotism
(D) Chauvinism

85) The form of madness which gives a person the idea that his importance is very great
(A) Paroxysm
(B) Megalomania
(C) Insanity
(D) Braggart

86) One who travels from place to place
(A) itinerant
(B) Mendicant
(C) Journeyman
(D) Tramp

87) That which is perceptible by touch
(A) Tangible
(B) Tenacious
(C) Contagious
(D) Contingent

88) A person who is bad in spelling
(A) Calligraphist
(B) Pedant
(C) Cacography
(D) Linguist

89) A short walk for pleasure or exercise
(A) Jog
(B) Stroll
(C) Gallop
(D) Promenade

90) That which cannot be understood
(A) Illegible
(B) Unintelligible
(C) Unknown
(D) Undecipherable