One Word Substitution Set-3 Page-8

71) Policy of a political party
(A) Manifesto
(B) Agenda
(C) Report
(D) Circular

72) Story told to illustrate a moral or spiritual truth
(A) Didactic
(B) Parable
(C) Paragon
(D) Paradigm

73) One who believes that everything is pre-destined
(A) Pessimist
(B) Fatalist
(C) Palmist
(D) Astrologer

74) A person who betrays a friend
(A) Traitor
(B) Cheat
(C) Hypocrite
(D) Disloyal

75) A verse letter
(A) Epistle
(B) Epitaph
(C) Pantomime
(D) Lay

76) One who eats everything
(A) Omnipotent
(B) Insolvent
(C) Omniscient
(D) Omnivorous

77) Joint sovereignty exercised over a country by
(A) Colonialism
(B) Entente
(C) Pandemonium
(D) Condominium

78) Stage between boyhood and youth
(A) Puberty
(B) Adolescence
(C) Infancy
(D) Maturity

79) To move along with quick, short twistings
(A) Swagger
(B) Stumble
(C) Wriggle
(D) Crawl

80) That which cannot be done without
(A) Irrevocable
(B) Impracticable
(C) Indispensable
(D) Impossible