One Word Substitution Set-3 Page-7

61) Part-song for several voices without instrumental accompaniment
(A) Ballad
(B) Madrigal
(C) Panegyric
(D) Limerick

62) A person who is the property of another and bound to serve him
(A) Bondsman
(B) Slave
(C) Servant
(D) Subordinate

63) A perception without objective reality
(A) Allusion
(B) Illusion
(C) Dyspepsia
(D) Hallucination

64) One who possesses many talents
(A) Versatile
(B) Gifted
(C) Exceptional
(D) Nubile

65) A person who studies the formation of the earth
(A) Meteorologist
(B) Anthropologist
(C) Geologist
(D) Seismologist

66) A tube filled at one end with mirrors and pieces of coloured glass which shows many coloured patterns when turned
(A) Kaleidoscope
(B) Periscope
(C) Microscope
(D) Gyroscope

67) Word for word reproduction
(A) Copying
(B) Mugging
(C) Verbatim
(D) Photostat

68) A person who collects coins
(A) Philatelist
(B) Numismatist
(C) Narcissist
(D) Fatalist

69) Open rebellion of soldiers and sailors against lawful authority
(A) Revolt
(B) Revolution
(C) Mutiny
(D) Anarchy

70) A school for infants and young children
(A) School
(B) Nursery
(C) Infantile
(D) Kindergarten