One Word Substitution Set-3 Page-5

41) To talk without respect of something sacred or holy
(A) Blasphemy
(B) Obscenity
(C) Rudeness
(D) Vulgarity

42) A person who lives alone and avoids other people
(A) Ascetic
(B) Recluse
(C) Unsocial
(D) Agnostic

43) Explicit undertaking to do something
(A) Agreement
(B) Decision
(C) Settlement
(D) Promise

44) Murder of a king
(A) Matricide
(B) Genocide
(C) Regicide
(D) Homicide

45) To surround with armed forces
(A) Seize
(B) Attack
(C) Cease
(D) Besiege

46) A person who wishes to throw over all establishments
(A) Rebel
(B) Anarchist
(C) Terrorist
(D) Hooligan

47) A dramatic performance
(A) Mask
(B) Mosque
(C) Masque
(D) Mascot

48) Seat on elephant's back
(A) Saddle
(B) Howdah
(C) Lounge
(D) Hoof

49) An expression of mild disapproval
(A) Reproof
(B) Impertinence
(C) Warning
(D) Denigration

50) Forcing out (blood, etc) from its vessel
(A) Extrapolate
(B) Extravasate
(C) Exuberate
(D) Extricate