One Word Substitution Set-3 Page-2

11) Extreme old age when a man behaves like a fool
(A) Dotage
(B) Imbecility
(C) Virago
(D) Amazon

12) A violent and bad-tempered woman
(A) Prostitute
(B) Concubine
(C) Voracious
(D) Avaricious

13) One who talks continuously
(A) Impecunious
(B) Loquacious
(C) Voracious
(D) Avaricious

14) A person who is skilled in horsemanship
(A) Cavalier
(B) Equestrian
(C) Jockey
(D) Cavalryman

15) To atone for one's sins
(A) Apologize
(B) Ingratiate
(C) Expiate
(D) Propitiate

16) The rule of a person who is tyrant
(A) Despotism
(B) Anarchy
(C) Tyranny
(D) Dictatorship

17) A paper written in one's own handwriting
(A) Manuscript
(B) Scroll
(C) Parchment
(D) Transcript

18) To congratulate someone in a formal manner
(A) Wish
(B) Solemnize
(C) Celebrate
(D) Felicitate

19) Interested in and clever at many things
(A) Manicure
(B) Manifest
(C) Intelligent
(D) Versatile

20) Code of diplomatic etiquette and precedence
(A) Formalism
(B) Statesmanship
(C) Protocol
(D) Hierarchy