One Word Substitution Set-3 Page-10

91) A person who is more interested in himself rather than anything that is going on around him
(A) Egoist
(B) Extrovert
(C) Introvert
(D) Eccentric

92) A story that can hardly be believed
(A) Fictitious
(B) Imaginary
(C) Concocted
(D) Incredible

93) Something which can be taken for granted
(A) Doctrine
(B) Maxim
(C) Tenet
(D) Postulate

94) A sea abounding in islands
(A) Strait
(B) Archipelago
(C) Ocean
(D) Gulf

95) One who resides in a country of which he is not a citizen
(A) Alien
(B) Native
(C) Foreigner
(D) Prodigal

96) One who draws maps and charts
(A) Lexicographer
(B) Mapper
(C) Cartographer
(D) Graphologist

97) Anything which destroys the effect of poison
(A) Serum
(B) Antiseptic
(C) Terramycin
(D) Antidote

98) A song sung at a burial
(A) Elegy
(B) Ode
(C) Dirge
(D) Ballad

99) Words used in ancient times but no longer in general use now
(A) Extinct
(B) Antiquated
(C) Ancient
(D) Archaic

100) Ridiculous use of words
(A) Onomatopoeia
(B) Malapropism
(C) Neologism
(D) Pun