Sub Inspector BS-14 2019 Past Paper Page - 9

81) In a particular country, 35 million people still live in caves. Where?
(A) Jeve
(B) China
(C) The continent of Africa
(D) Bomeo

82) Gnosticism is a philosophical and religious system of ideas which:
(A) Neither believes nor disbelieves in the existence of Good
(B) Is prepared to believe in God if someone can prove logically that God exists
(C) Believes in God, but denies the existence of Heaven
(D) Holds that salvation is only possible through individually revealed knowledge

83) What is Gynaecomastia?
(A) Enlarged male breast
(B) Female sterility
(C) Ovarian Cyst
(D) Flat chest in females

84) Of the following vitamins, which one contains a trace of metal?
(A) D
(B) E
(C) C
(D) B12

85) What is the meaning of bumptious?
(A) Confident
(B) Uneven
(C) Noisy and conceited
(D) Spirited

86) What was the 'Watergate Scandal' which led to President Nixon's resignation?
(A) A water supply project that went to a contracting firm in which the President's wife held a considerable share.
(B) The President's secret liaison with a lady of pleasure named Lucille Watergate
(C) A huge amount of kickback, which the President received at a place called Watergate
(D) The burglary at the Democratic Party headquarters, known as Watergate

87) Who invented the poison gas, the decimal point, and the toilet paper?
(A) The Chinese
(B) The English
(C) The Swedes
(D) The French

88) Which country in the world has the largest deposit of Uranium?
(B) NIger
(C) Namibia
(D) South Africa

89) What is a person when you call him pusillanimous?
(A) Extremely tight with his money
(B) Ready to do physical violence at the slightest pretext
(C) Ready to take offense at the slightest pretext
(D) Cowardly

90) Give the meaning of debonair:
(A) Stylish
(B) Smart
(C) Refined
(D) Well-dresses